Practical Virtual Care Solutions for Home Health Agencies

Improve Patient Outcomes and Care Quality Rating Scores

Increase the total number of valuable patient touch-points by augmenting remote encounters focused on influenceable quality metrics.

Reduce Hospital Admissions & ER Visits

Improve the ability to make sound decisions by increasing access to actionable patient health data between scheduled visits.

Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores (HHCAHPS)

Foster an experience that enhances patient engagement levels and creates a positive lasting memory post-discharge.
home health monitoring

How We Help Home Health Agencies

Home Health Care Agencies utilize our technology solutions to increase valuable patient touch-points, improve actionable patient data visibility between visits and enhance engagement of patients under their care.

home health monitoring


All devices included within our subscription model are 4G cellular embedded and FDA approved.

Vital monitoring devices automatically send data to our software platform after vital, no smart device or BlueTooth connectivity is required.


We know that every healthcare provider has different needs, which is why this software is easily customizable to work best for your organization. Our software aggregates patient health data for providers, which can be used for any number of purposes.

A key feature of the program is its ability to send automated alerts when a patient’s vital signs are outside of the normal range, but this is just one of many features. With the amount of data captured, our software can also be used to generate a wide range of clinical reports, recommend patient engagement solutions, send patients automated reminders, and much more.

During the onboarding process, our team will work closely with you to set up the system so that it best suits the workflow, processes, wants, and needs of your organization.

home health monitoring
home health monitoring


As all home health providers know, the patient is a key player in their own care team. A home health patient monitoring program increases patient engagement by offering them tangible ways to participate in their care. They can receive automated reminders, browse educational materials, and access visualizations of their own stats and progress.

Home health remote monitoring software also increases accountability — when a patient knows they are being monitored daily, they have added incentive to maintain their care routine and form healthy habits.

Being connected is also an important source of reassurance, especially for patients transitioning from hospitalization to a home environment. They can rest easy knowing that someone is always looking out for them and that they can easily check-in with their care team.

Ready to learn more about how your agency could partner with our home health remote patient monitoring program? Contact one of our specialists today.