Remote Patient Monitoring for Primary Care Providers

physician remote health monitoring

The healthcare world continues to embrace remote patient monitoring as the preventative care strategy of the future for patients with chronic and acute conditions. With today’s easy-to-use technology in the patient’s home, simplistic cloud-based software, and solutions that cater to patient involvement, healthcare providers now have actionable data to improve the total quality of care provided.

How Does Remote Patient
Monitoring Work for Primary Care Providers?

Remote patient monitoring provides medical staff a way to proactively provide oversight & assistance for patients living independently through a proactive approach. Patients on RPM services use equipment in their homes to regularly test vital signs — such as blood pressure, weight, and glucose which are transmitted into the RPM software solution.

Remote patient monitoring programs also enable patients to engage more regularly with clinical staff. All in all, RPM is a cost-effective method for reducing healthcare cost, while also offering patients a greater degree of support, improved outcomes, and increased access to care.

Why is RPM becoming a standard offering with Primary Care Providers?

99453: Initial set up and patient education

99454: Supply of devices and collection, transmission, and summary of services

99457: First 20 minutes of remote physiologic monitoring by clinical staff/MD/QHCP

99458: For an additional 20 minutes of remote physiologic monitoring by clinical staff/MD/QHCP


In 2020, the CMS added several new CPT codes for physician remote health monitoring of Medicare patients. The expanded coverage allows for reimbursements of device management, patient readings, and up to 60 minutes of clinical care management by clinical staff. Altogether, these reimbursements can earn a practice up to $210 per beneficiary per month, with average care levels amounting to $120 in monthly reimbursements.

Coverage for physician remote patient monitoring software continues to expand as more state Medicaid programs and private insurers add it to their policies.

Improve Physician & Patient Collaboration

Utilizing RPM can result in greater collaboration between doctors and their patients. Patient engagement is a crucial component of remote care, and Telos software makes it easier than ever. Through our senior-friendly technology, patients receive automated reminders, input health data, and have access to educational materials and other tools for participating in their health journey.
Our extensive cloud-based software provides physicians with daily updates on patient health as well as a plethora of reports that can be easily customized. This system of physician remote health monitoring adds measurable value and continuity to physician/patient relationships, improving the overall level of care.
physician remote health monitoring
physician remote health monitoring

Limit Avoidable Hospitalizations

For at-risk patients, it is especially important to avoid unnecessary re-admission, as they are susceptible to infection in hospitals. Having greater access to data allows for preventative — rather than reactive — care. When a patient’s vitals unexpectedly change, the clinical staff monitoring can intervene early with adjustments or treatment options. In turn, this kind of proactive care reduces the overall number of re-hospitalizations, which is better for the patient’s health and healthcare providers bottom line.
Additionally, reducing the number of preventable re-admissions results in better care for patients who do need to be admitted. When the healthcare system is not overwhelmed, wait times are shorter and physicians can attend to their patients with a higher degree of attention and focus.

The Telos Health Difference

Simple & Intuitive Software
Virtual care solutions should alleviate healthcare burnout, not magnify it.

physician remote health monitoring
physician remote health monitoring

Easy to Use Equipment
A new healthcare program can be challenging to start, the equipment your patients use shouldn’t be.

Compliance is Top of Mind
A belt and suspenders approach to HIPAA & regulatory compliance.

physician remote health monitoring
physician remote health monitoring

Customized to Your Needs
We work with our clients to customize the system to suit their organization’s needs and workflow.

Education & Training
We’ll always provide updated and accurate information as we receive it, Good or Bad.

physician remote health monitoring

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