Telos Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Telos Health Solutions offers end-to-end physician RPM software.

Post-Acute Telehealth Software

We bring you the latest in home care technology for high risk, chronic, and aging patients.

With the help of our RPM+ software, you can increase your patients’ access to care, decrease avoidable re-admissions, and improve communication between patients and providers. If your organization is looking for affordable telehealth software, Telos can help. We offer a full spectrum of HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based software and device solutions, along with unlimited training and support.


Remote patient monitoring is a collaboration between patient and the healthcare provider. Healthcare mobile apps for patients help them take an active role in managing their health. Patients use at-home equipment to take vital readings such as blood pressure, weight, temperature, glucose levels, and more. They log their results in the Telos Health Solutions app, which aggregates the data in our cloud-based software.

From there, the software sends out-of-parameter alerts to the patient’s care team, prompting early intervention when necessary. Physicians can also use the remote patient monitoring software to periodically check in with their patients, both to review their vitals and communicate with them directly. Post-acute telehealth software offers reassurance for everyone involved.

remote patient monitoring software

What Home Health Remote Monitoring Software Can Do

Once all the data has been gathered, our remote patient monitoring software can be used for many things.


Remote Patient Monitoring Software


Receive automated alerts if a patient’s health data deviates from the normal range so you can quickly address concerns and intervene if necessary.

Home Health Remote Patient Monitoring


Healthcare mobile apps for patients can send them gentle reminders to enter their vitals or take medication. This is especially helpful for those struggling to establish or maintain their care routine.

Physician Remote Patient Monitoring


From clinical reports to patient engagement solutions, our RPM+ software can help you analyze patient data more efficiently and effectively.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Message and Video

Patients and clinical staff can communicate directly through the app, simplifying post-acute telehealth care.


One of the best things about our remote patient monitoring software is how customizable it is.
We work with you to ensure that our RPM+ program meets the needs, wants, and workflow of your organization.

Easy-to-Use Software and Devices

Once all the data has been gathered, our remote patient monitoring software can be used for many things.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software


We know that healthcare mobile apps for patients can be intimidating when those patients are seniors, which is why we have designed our software to be as simple as possible for the user. Our app can be accessed on any number of devices — such as computers, tablets, and smartphones — which means that a patient can use whichever device they are most comfortable with.



In addition to offering endless training and support, we also offer plenty of flexibility in device solutions that can be catered to the specific needs of your agency. Our equipment is easy-to-use; some of our commonly requested items include thermometers, weight scales, blood pressure monitors (in various cuff sizes), pulse oximeters, blood glucose monitors and testing strips.

If affordable telehealth software is your priority, know that Telos provides clients with a list of compatible devices that can be purchased from any retailer or directly from us.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software
Remote Patient Monitoring Software


We utilize cellular connectivity to send patient data to our HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software. A pre-cellular embedded device or cellular hub makes our remote patient monitoring software straightforward and reliable.

Affordable RPM Software

Remote patient monitoring software is more affordable than ever. In recent years, the CMS introduced an expanded list of CPT codes that extends Medicare part b coverage for RPM. Now providers can be reimbursed up to $166 per patient per month. Daily monitoring and automated alerts allow providers to catch potential health issues before they worsen and reduce the number of preventable re-admissions.

99453: Initial set up and patient education

99454: Supply of devices and collection, transmission, and summary of services

99457: First 20 minutes of remote physiologic monitoring by clinical staff/MD/QHCP

99458: For an additional 20 minutes of remote physiologic monitoring by clinical staff/MD/QHCP

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Telos Health Solutions Remote

Patient Monitoring Software

Our post-acute telehealth software enables you to offer your patients a higher level of care. Rather than relying solely on in-person appointments, RPM+ allows you to check in with patients between visits for greater collaboration and continuity.

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