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We believe that every healthcare organization should be able to provide remote patient monitoring and telehealth services to the patients who need it. For this reason, we offer our program at a fraction of the upfront and monthly price that others charge. Our clients can get their program off the ground with a platform customized to their needs at an affordable price.
The typical turnaround time to receive your administrative login is 48-72 hours.
We have designed the system to be customized while our clients are going through the training process. As you become familiar with the software and its capabilities, we collaborate with you to adjust it for the unique needs of your organization. This means that by the time you are done with training, the platform will be up, running, and ready to accomplish all your RPM goals.
As with any introduction of new systems technology, there is a learning curve. The time needed for training depends how much time your team is willing and able to invest in adjusting to it. The size of your team and amount of customization desired is also a consideration. We have taken some dedicated clients through the training process in a matter of days, while others have needed 30-60. Every organization is different, and we work with you to create a training schedule that fits your team’s availability. Additionally, we offer unlimited training and support, so you will never feel like you have been left on your own after the initial training is complete.
While most insurances have begun to adopt RPM in some form, this question still depends on a few different circumstances, including:

  • Organization/license type
  • Insurances &networks
  • State & local regulations
Currently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has five CPT codes offering reimbursement for RPM services to Medicare patients: 99091, 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458. These codes cover device set-up and patient education, equipment and system costs, and time spent by doctors, clinical staff, or other qualified healthcare professionals providing RPM services and care.
TelosRPM+ offers features, ease of use, and customization that most of our competitors lack at a price that makes it affordable for anyone to implement. Scheduling a free demo gives us the opportunity to demonstrate what our software can do for you. We understand, however, that it might not be the right solution for everyone. If you do not see the value in our product after viewing a demo, we promise to point you toward some of our competitors who may be a better fit so you do not feel that your time was wasted.