RPM- Key Components to Starting Your
Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Establish a well-oiled team
The foundation for building a successful remote patient monitoring (RPM) program revolves around having the right personnel in the right positions. After identifying who will be involved, conveying “the why” early and often will help get buy-in from your team. A team that understands the overall goal of the program reduces disruption and distraction through the initial implementation phase, setting you up for long-term success.
Patient Engagement and Education
The success of any RPM program depends highly on patient engagement. It’s vital to educate patients on RPM’s benefits and how it can help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. Utilizing equipment and technology solutions that patients are already familiar with reduces the learning curve that is common during the initial set up process. Be sure your staff is equipped with the tools to teach patients the necessary skills to integrate RPM into their daily lives seamlessly.

Tips for Patient Engagement & Education:

  • Provide self-education materials whenever possible
  • Share example success stories of others whom the program has helped.
  • Find and build on personal reasons why RPM will support their long term health goals.

Develop a workflow that operates for you, not against you
As your team works through the initial processes, build a straightforward and easy-to-follow document covering assigned duties, policies, procedures, and anything else mission-critical.
Constant evaluation and benchmarking
Set specific short- and long-term benchmarks with measurable metrics that allow you to track your overall program performance. Implement a way for the entire team to track individual and group performance accurately; The aim is to quickly identify problems as they arise and adjust accordingly.

A few metrics to consider:

  • Patient Engagement/ Satisfaction Feedback
  • Staff Engagement
  • Technology ease of use/ Issues reported
  • Clinical KPIs
  • Billable Codes/ Revenue (if applicable)

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